Stop lying yourself

Play an read.


If you already know me, then…you know how I am.

If you don’t, then..hello in my world. A mad world.

My life is a balance between tears and happiness, a constant struggle. I always care more fore others, and I forget  myself.

I think that I will have time even for me, someday. But the truth is that, there is not enough time.

We prioritize career and money so much and we forget about those who really matters: family, friends, and the most important,us. Yes, us! Us and our heart.

I do not whine .Complaining does not work. We all have finite time and energy.

It took me a long time to learn to accept people for who they are and not as I assume them to be.

I’m comfortable with what I have and I enjoy the little things. I try to be more spontaneous and listen carefully what my heart need.

You never know how short your life is so stop lying yourself. BE, HERE, NOW.