I am enough



Whatever you do, stop explaining yourself and just do what works for you.  You have to keep moving forward, even if you are starting from zero.

Why? Because you are enough but you are too afraid of judgment from other people. You really are. So, give yourself permission to be you.

I know is the seasons for new year resolution but this post isn’t about that.

You know that 25% of New Year’s resolutions are broken in the first week alone?  I’m pretty sure you already have done a “To Do list”  but now is a  “Some day list”.

This post is about YOU and the  PEACE that come with accepting yourself.

When you start to believe in yourself, nothing else matters.

Instead of wishing you Merry Christmas, I wishing you to make the peace of mind your priority!


“There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark
You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are
And you don’t have to change a thing
The world could change its heart
No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful”




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